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Local news hangover

All news were originally posted on kingsroad.co.uk, nottinghillgate.co.uk and fulhamroad.co.uk unless stated.

Morning all and hope you’re all having a sleepy start to the weekend if you’re a night owl or an energetic one if you’re an early bird. As the title suggests, I’ll be rounding up all the local news that you’ve seen streaming through the site in bite-sized chunks.

Closer to home






H&F Council to sell buildings to repay debts

In a bid to reduce Hammersmith & Fulham’s £133 million debt, the Council has decided to sell Fulham Town Hall and  Sands End Community Centre. The Council sees no reason to have 2 town halls in the  borough – the other Town Hall is on King Street, Hammersmith –  and the Community Centre hasn’t been attracting that many locals.

Get on your bike

Plenty of cycling news to go around during the past week. Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that Hammersmith and Fulham will be one of the few London borough’s to get their hands on his blue bikes.

Later this month, elite cyclists will pass through Fulham and Chelsea in the London-Surrey cycle classic. Expect road closures if you’re travelling on the 14 August otherwise, get your cameras at the ready.

RBKC’s cycling initiative, Bikeminded, has loaned a range of cool bikes to locals or ‘Bike Heroes’ for them to get around Kensington and Chelsea (links to kingsroadrocks.com) .


At the Hill





It’s nearly time for Carnival!

It’s August meaning the Notting Hill Carnival is just around the corner. Of course, that does mean a crackdown on idiots/ nobodies/ mobs/ anarchists (take your pick) and Operation Razorback is in full swing and has already arrested more than a hundred people. There are also concerns for the identity of the Carnival as its organisers may commercialise it in order to fill the funding gap. I don’t like the idea of the Carnival being sponsored by McDonalds or Sainsbury’s.

Pedal-power-big screen

Oh yes, more bike-themed news. As part of RBKC’s weird and wonderful inTRANSIT festival, a stop-animation film was show for free but with a catch: visitors had to hook up their bikes to generators and power the big screen.

My former English teacher amusingly said:”I can’t believe they think that sounds like an appealing idea. Don’t people like to relax when they watch films?”

Hence why I described inTRANSIT as ‘weird and wonderful’.


Chelsea made, Chelsea style







Speaking of Chelsea made….

Oh yes, the daughter of Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green, joins the cast of E4’s reality TV show Made In Chelsea. If you can’t wait to see what she’ll be doing in series 2, they’re currently filming in Chelsea at the moment. You more or less have to play the spot-the-camera-crew game.


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District & Circle Line closed between High Street Kensington & Edgware Road

Originally posted on nottinghillgate.co.uk – posted on 25 July

If you work and play between High Street Kensington and Edgware Road stations on the London Underground, you may need to have a hair transplant as you tear it off in frustration.

Here’s an excerpt:

For one month, District Line trains from High Street Kensington to Edgware Road will not be running in order for maintenance work to be carried out

Read the rest on nottinghillgate.co.uk

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Watch the latest movies at Notting Hill

Originally posted on nottinghillgate.co.uk – posted on 31 July

Why pay £7-8+ to watch a summer blockbuster when you can watch it for as little as £3.50 at the Coronet Cinema in Notting Hill? The other question is ‘why didn’t anyone tell me about this in the first place?’

And if you’re into indie movies, the Gate Cinema has a lot to offer.

Here’s an excerpt:

The last installment and the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows continues its run at the Coronet

[The Electric Cinema, Porobello Road] they’re also showing sci-fi movie Super 8. This mysterious adventure takes place in Ohio, where a group of films attempt to make an amatuer zombie film using a super 8 camera.

Another acclaimed Anime coming to you [to the Gate Cinema] from Japan; Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the director who brought you Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, directs Arreitty.

Read the rest on nottinghillgate.co.uk.


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Portobello Road: inTRANSIT Cycle-in cinema

Originally posted on nottinghillgate.co.uk on 30 July 2011

For cyclists in the Notting Hill area, here’s a treat for you: a bicycle powered cinema!

As part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s inTRANSIT festival, Portobello Pop-Up cinema on Acklam Road, London W11, will be screening a film which will only be powered by bikes.

Here’s an excerpt:

Well in the last event of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s (RBKC) inTRANSIT festival, Portobello Pop-Up will be screening the film A Town Called Panic, a French stop-animation film distinct for holding the title of being the first in its genre of being premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

For more info, visit the Notting Hill Gate website.


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The Month In Review

The month of September: the month where people start moaning the second they step into a classroom…after three months of complaints relating to boredom.

Lists, lists, lists – every month, I’ll be conjuring up a list of observations whether media, pop, student or education etc related. Basically, anything goes! Lets see what I’ve managed to notice this month….

#1 Pigeons are over-ambitious.

The scourge of the skies; rats with wings; the only thing in the London sky where you actually have to watch out for projectiles – yes damn pigeons. When you start feeding ducks and swans, it’s all very well and you have little commotion (apart from this killer swan). But the second one pigeon detects food, a horde of them follows ya….and craps on your leg. Or in my case, sits on your leg, pecks at ya….then craps on ya. Damn birds.

#2 Going to Notting Hill via bike is the worst experience evar.

I though I’ll be fine going to Notting Hill with my bike….before I overlooked one little, teeny, tiny, incy, bitty tidbit: the hill! And it’s not a merciful one. Oh my burning thighs and already-mangled back. Doesn’t help when you have to dodge buses, trucks and angry motorists who think purple isn’t the correct cycling colour. Now this would have been a good part on Channel 4’s dismal and fragmented Seven Days instead of women having a go for having “not really fabulous hair” or something or other.

#3 I’d watch Gordon Ramsay over Jamie Oliver any day.

Watch a man who’d cry over children not using knifes and forks from the age of 4 ’til 10 or watch a man bark rage at people because they put only a “little bit” of salt as opposed to a “dash” of salt? I think the barking chef with so many lines across his forehead wins. Especially when you’re tempted to write the word ‘relax’ on those lines.

#4 Why burn the Koran when you can burn Twilight books instead?

Pastor (left) & Denholm. Dead ringer.

If right-wing evangelical Christians think the Koran is oh so evil, what an earth do they think of Twilight? Or Harry Potter? Or the World of Warcraft Prima Strategy Guide kindly sold in GAME stores across the U.K.? Er, nope. I’ve only received a tumbleweed response from them so far. Also,  Pastor Terry Jones, the person who organised the failed book burning, looks awfully similar to pension-stealing and computer-ignorant Denholm from the I.T. Crowd….

#5 Speaking of I.T., turning it off and on again has been given new life.

As a child, I would automatically switch my Game Boy Colour off when I lose to the first member of the Elite Four in Pokemon Blue and pick off where I last saved (then I would flop at the second member. I suppose a level 54 Venusaur and then a team of level 3 Ratattas didn’t really suffice). 10 or so years later, I’d be doing the same thing with this crappy laptop I’m typing this blog post with. Silly Billy Gates.

#6 …which kindly leads to me to this statement: a Mac pwns a P.C.

Think of it as chocolate’s magnum opus – the Lindt Lindor; the Ferroro Rocher; Swiss or Belgium chocolate. Hmm….chocolate.

#7  Does ANYONE understand the cricket scandal?!

Like many of us, I have no clue how an earth cricket works. Ironically, I’ve played cricket for about 2 years – in the school team and my God all I knew was catching the ball and swinging the bat and running. Now then, this scandal is based upon match fixing and a no-ball or has something to do with finding a….thing….which..has…something…to….do..with a…gaaah!

#8 “Life could be worse. You could be a slug.”

Eh? Eh? I think I’d rather be a homeless, smelly and bearded hobo on the streets of Kensington than be a slug who’s basically a sitting duck from hungry birds. Oh look, I’m back to birds again. Damn birds.

‘Til next time,


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Tour De Kensington & Chelsea?

I am insane. And this is the very reason is why I broke my right foot. My Oytser Card hasn’t even died yet and I’ve been abusing my bike by cycling long distances. Mind you, cycling wearing tight jeans, a cardigan and a mullet is hard work.

Funny. I’m not even working nor do I have to deal with upcoming London Underground/ Tube strikes which has forced many people onto bikes, Boris bikes, boat, walking shoes and, ahem, scooters.

Oh and this is the BEST TUBE-ESQUE MAP EVAR.

Red line indicates initial journey from house to Notting Hill;  light blue from Notting Hill to road the cuts between Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park; black line indicates random exploration of Westbourne Grove/ Notting Hill Gate back to my house for scones, croissant, cookies and chicken…apparently; purple indicates return to King’s Road and Sloane Square before another run towards Kensington Gardens and back indicated by the maroon line.


I remembered on my Summer List that I typed down that I’ll cycle from Notting Hill to Twickenham…and back. I roughly think that’s 7 – 10 miles for a single journey (14 – 20 for the return leg). Add on the additional 3 miles from my house to Notting Hill. Looks pretty meek in comparison with previous lengths but actually, we may have to deal with motorways, duel-carriageways, twists and turns here and there….

‘Til next time,

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5 Things I’ve Learnt from the Notting Hill Carnival

I love Notting Hill. So much colour, independence, cool and the exciting atmosphere. So there is no surprise that the Carnival will add to those qualities! But now that the dust has settled and the cleaners have began Operation Garbage Ben-Nevis, I can only reflect on the things I learnt throughout the crazy two days.

Be warned, it contains urine.

#1 For the love of God, know the area – never mind the route.

My friend Dina came up with this scenario: what if a newbie tourist decided to explore Notting Hill without the knowledge that Carnival was taking place? The person walks into the middle of the parade, gets caught up in-between the trucks and the dancers and will be dancing non-stop until the carnival ends.

I’ve learnt that if you know the area well, you’ll know where to relax, know how to escape huge crowds and know where to eat. Mind you, I failed in all aspects despite walking around Notting Hill for 3/4 of my life. I’ve also learnt to never trust my own directional instincts. They fail.


#2 Plan your journey or you will lose £4 on your Oyster Card.

On Day #1 of Carnival, me and my friend had malfunctioning Oyster Cards. First of all, we tried to get the District Line at Notting Hill Gate after failing to get the Central Line at Holland Park. Much to our amusement, Notting Hill Gate station was exit-only, meaning we touched in for no reason thus draining £4.

To add insult to injury, the ticket barriers weren’t working at either stations so we had another unfinished journey. £4 drained….again….for Laura.


#3 If you’re as broke as I am, bring & eat your own food.

The joys of being unemployed! When you’ve only been given £15 to spend for two days, you know that it wouldn’t last a couple of hours. As expected, the Carnival meant premium food prices; £3 burgers, £2 candy floss, £1 for a can of Coke!? Er, I’ll stick with my cheap Tesco- reduced priced pasta, Milky Way Magic Stars and Frijj Chocolate-Mint Milkshake…which I didn’t drink because I dislike mint.


#4 Go with friends, enjoy and STAY CLOSE TOGETHER.

Because it is Carnival, anything goes and when anything goes, go with friends. That way, it is more acceptable to do crazy things such as playing explicit white music  through a personal iPod player at a Caribbean rooted Carnival and risk getting strange looks.

With that said, I learnt to stay close together or you’ll be lost in the ‘Route of Doom’ or ‘The Route Where There’s Not As Much Doom as the Route of Doom’, as Dina put it.


#5 Be prepared to watch random people urinating on the streets….even women were doing it. *Shivers*


You really think I’m gonna put an image of that?


Er yeah, er, hm. I don’t even know where to begin here. I’m great at sun dodging but trying to dodge streams of urine is…er.

Oh, one ‘pyjama’d’ woman decided to take a whizz in front of us. We walked away. Far away.


‘Til next time,



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The Magic Book

Yesterday, I purchased a book called The Book of Answers, which acts in a similar fashion as a magic eight ball except it has a greater amount of possible answers.

I quote the method on how to use this book:

  1. Hold the closed book in your hand/lap/table
  2. Take 10-15 seconds to concentrate on the question; the question should begin with “Is” or “Should.”
  3. Visualise and speak the question; place one palm down on the book’s cover and other stroking the edge of the pages.
  4. When you sense the time is right, simply open the book and you will have the answer.

Today, I kept this book in my bag in case I got bored or tired of revising in Notting Hill Gate’s Starbucks and sure enough, I experienced both. With a little help from my friend Hannah, we asked the important questions in life:

Should we [myself and Hannah] go to college tomorrow?

The book says:

  • Respect the rules

Will Hannah be pregnant before 20?

The book says:

  • Don’t waste your time

Should Nielsen wear a dress?

The book says:

  • Enjoy the experience

Will Hannah get an offer from St. Andrews (university)?

The book says:

  • Don’t be ridiculous

Is Nielsen attracted to men?

The book says:

  • Don’t be ridiculous

Was the man staring at me [Hannah] a perv?

The book says:

  • Make a list why not

Is Nielsen a big doo-doo head?

The book says:

  • You’ll need more info

Will Hannah get A*, A, A [in her A levels]?

The book says:

  • Yes

and our outmost favourite answer:

Is Starbucks 100% fair trade?

The book says:

  • It will create a stir


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